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    • 14 Jul 2023
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    allPIXA evo

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    For all evo cameras, passive and active cooling kits are available, which can be mounted to the back, upper, or lower side of the camera

    A picture containing electronics, computer  Description automatically generatedallPIXA evo with PIN Cooling


    DescriptionIdentification Number 
    allPIXA evo PIN Cooling CP000643
    allPIXA evo FAN CoolingCP000644
    allPIXA evo Water CoolingCP000651

    Pin Cooling 


    Download as pdf-file

    Fan Cooling 

    To start the fan you need to enable the Device Fan Enable flag, see the installation chapter. 


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    Water Cooling


    For connecting the liquid heat sink we recommend a pipe 8 mm diameter inside and 10 mm outside diameter material PA-pipe.

    For liquid, we recommend a water-glycol mixture with min-18% glycol to avoid algae in the liquid.

    But check with the producer of the cooling system. Often, they need an additional additive to avoid corrosion in the system.

    On tested cooling system is the following one: ‚Ā£External cooling system AQ240-Pro - High Power | innovatek Webshop (


    Download as pdf-file


    1. Place heat-conducting pads between the camera and the cooling adapter. Different pads are included, choose the pad which fits best to the camera side. 
    2.  Mount the cooling adapter. 
    3.  For fan cooling, connect the power supply cable with the camera's fan power supply connector. 
    4.  For fan cooling, enable the fan in your camera. Open the camera in GCT and navigate to the camera feature tree and set the parameter Device Fan Enable to true and save the setting. 

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